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The main reason we have this Canadian Live odds site is to offer the best gaming odds which will provide a great guide for you when making bets. We will have a list of sites which are offering odds and offer the chance for you to take the site with the best odds and place your bets. The good thing with these odds is that they are live and change every minute. In betting, there are a couple of bet types involved. When you factor in the different types of bonuses, it could get a bit convoluted and confusing for users. That being said at Lucky Red, you can get really simple and effortless welcome bonuses and a extra 50$ bonus after every deposit you make.

The Money Line Bet

There is the money line betting; in this betting, the money line odds is the kind of odd you are going to be betting on the team you think will win in the game. Before you place your bet on your team of choice, it is important for you to compare the odds, you might make a bet on a site that is having lower odds compared to another which has a higher odd. Check on the odds variations and choose the one that will earn you more money. One great strategy to increase income with betting is to try out the newest e-sports online betting. This upcoming and successful trend in betting has caught up the gaming industry by storm. Non-bettors have become bettors. Through this amazing site everyone can become a betting enthusiast and dive into a world full of possibilities.

The Spread bet

The Spread bet is popular with some of the major American Sports like NBA, NHL and NFL. In this bet, you will see an average spread of 1.5 where the underdogs get 1.5 goals and the favorite offering 1.5 goals. You need to chase on the odds in this bet as well. Since the odds will show big differences can be seen.

The Over/Under Bet

This is another popular kind of bet but mostly used by professionals in the betting arena or those who are sure on the goals that will be scored. This bet is placed on the goals scored. This is a good option for those who are neutral in the game as they will be betting on goals for both teams. In this bet, the sportbooks set a line for a game which will be between 5 and 7. What you have to do is bet on whether the amount of goals set will go over or under. For instance; the Toronto FC vs Montreal Impact line was set at 5. If you bet over, then there needs be 7 goals minimum. If you make an under bet, then there can't be any more than 5 goals. However, if the goals are 6 then that is referred to as a "push". You don't win or lose; you instead get your money back. This is the reason the sportsbooks set lines like 5.5 when there is the .5 then there is no push and you will have to either win or lose.

One of the most popular types of bonuses offered by online sites are no deposit bonuses. They are designed to entice new players to visit and open a real money account. You can play games offered by the site, or even receive free money to place your first bet. But sometimes finding the best sites can be a challenge. You can find free no deposit bonuses, some with bonus codes, listed here. Why not play with free casino money before spending your own cash?

With our Canadian Live odds Site, you can use these betting options for the best outcomes. We have our odds updating every minute.

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