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Suicide Pool Rules: A Sports Betting Approach

One of the most popular form of sports betting is the office football because it is easy to handle and to set-up. Majority of the states in the USA reinstated their laws regarding this form of betting entertainment. They said that they will still allow this game as long as one hundred percent of the funds used in betting are paid-back to the winning contestants. To avoid issues and legal problems, it would always be best to check on your workplace rules and local laws before joining the office football betting games.

It was mentioned before that office football has become one of the commonly used form of sports wagering, right? But office football has one famous specific game called suicide pools. It is more renowned because of the fact that the suicide pool rules are easy to follow, despite the fact that they are very challenging. The first in the rule of the game is to choose your predicted winner of one game per week. If your team is able to win, you are up to next week's game. But if you are wrong, you are out of the game. Be minded that you only have to choose or bet on a single team for the entire gaming season, until the game lasts with one player alone.

Suicide pool rules, in order to be successful for the gamers, need strategy. As a bettor or player, you must identify first whether you will bet on the stronger teams first or save those teams for the next season. It is better to not start with super strong teams in the start of the game so that when it ends, you will still have bullets with a stronger fire for the next gaming time. Lately on the game, during its long run, you will realize that drastic amount of gamers are eliminated from the game because of poor reasoning and strategy.

For you and your friends or co-workers have a good betting experience, you should first set your suicide pool rules. For example, you can make the players submit their teams before midnight of the first game of the week or have a spreadsheet of all the tally, losing team and winning team. For payouts, if the pot money is small, it is better if the rule will be winner takes it all, but if it is huge better to have a first prize, second prize and third prize winner as consolation.

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