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Listed Pitchers Baseball Betting To Win

Okay, so you like to have a gamble, nothing wrong with that. We all like to have a bit of fun especially when it comes to wagering. One of the great games to have a bet on is baseball. To start with it is quite an enthralling game to watch. Yes, sure watching it at home on the sofa is not the same as being at the ball park with the wife & family, as they lay in to their popcorn and sodas for 3 hours whilst you have a free license to guzzle as many beers as you can under the guise of being the all good family guy, but what the heck.

The thing about listed pitchers baseball betting is it is very much a head on affair between the pitchers. Baseball unlike its British equivalent cricket without the bases, boasts having only one guy pitching the ball for each team. In cricket, each team can have 4 or 5 pitchers or bowlers, each with a different delivery technique. This means more analysis on the gamblers behalf, whereas listed pitchers baseball analysis, is a far easier affair to predict. Not all games you understand, but there are certain stand-out games, and the starting pitchers for the teams have a big say in the outcome.

When betting on baseball you have two options when it comes to pitchers. They are "Listed" and "Action".

By betting on the "listed" player you are in fact saying you want your money refunded if the announced starting pitchers are not the ones who pitch in the game from the start. This is a very rare occurrence.

By betting on the alternative, or "action" with your money line bet, you are placing your bet on the team you think will win, regardless of who is on the mound.

You will find some sportsbooks operate slightly different. This is not designed to confuse you, but you should be aware. They will offer you the option of "on" or "against".

Simply put, betting "on" means the team that you are betting on to win, must start with their stated starting pitcher, regardless of who the opposing team starts with.

If you go with the "against" option, the reverse applies, here you are saying you have no concern over who is pitching for the team you are putting your money on however, the opponents starting pitcher must be the one to start the game.

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