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Sportsbook Parlay Odds Explained

The parlay bet is a very popular sports bet, but not always the easiest one to understand. You can win a lot of money with a parlay wager with not much money bet, but it is not an easy one to win since you have to win multiple games. Are you ready to learn about the parlay wager? Why not when it can be such a profitable bet to make? One tip you should follow is that there are many betting websites that allow you to make parlay bets with different sporting events not just one sport and you should stick to using those kind of sites.

What Is A Parlay Bet?

A single parlay bet in one where you must bet on at least 2 events and to win you have to pick the winners of all the events to win the wager. If you make a 6-team parlay bet and you win 5 games and only lose one you still lose the bet. If one of the games you bet on in the parlay ends in a draw then that game is taken out of the bet with the odds changing. Basically, if you have a 6-team parlay bet and one game is a draw it becomes a 5-team bet.

Why Make the Parlay Bet?

The parlay bet is one of the more exciting ones since you can win a lot by betting a little. The more games that you bet in the parlay the bigger your payout will be.

Parlay Bet Example

For example if you make a 3-team parlay bet on the Redskins, Cowboys, and Patriots covering the spreads in all of those games. Generally, a 3-team parlay bet will have a payout around 6-1. If the 3 teams cover the spreads then you will win the bet, so if you bet $100 you would win $600. As the amount of teams increase in the parlay bet so do the payouts as well as the margin of profit. However, the more games that you make in a parlay bet the harder it is to win. Some sportsbooks allow you to make up to a 15-team parlay bet and you need to make sure you know how many games you can wager on in a parlay deposing on the sports betting website you are using.

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